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Let Us Revolutionise Your Strata Management Experience.

our mission

Committee governance

OCX is a boutique Strata Management
company with a focus on providing the highest level of
customer service and utilising innovative technology to
elevate our clients’ property experience.


OCX is a Seamless Fusion of Client
Focused Mindset & Technology

how do we get there? 
a few examples

of ocx going

above and beyond

we use technology to make your life easier

Online portal

sophisticated tools


software solutions

paperless practices




Online portal
Strata Manager

Utilising Strava Vote online meeting management tool for efficient AGMs.

Revolutionary 2-click email ballot voting application for the committee, to speed up decision making between meetings.

Cloud storage for all data for secure and easy accessibility so we can collaborate with committees even on large scale projects.

Google Groups are created for every committee for email record keeping and ease of communication among the members.

Strata Management
Strata Schemes
Strata Property

​State of the art online portal for owners with adjustable access level. Features include AP ledger, AR ledger, General ledger, Arrears list, Insurance details, Owners Feed and the list goes on.

​Custom designed complementary website for all incoming Tier 1 & 2 Strata with move-in/out booking form, shared facilities booking, and document storage facility for displaying additional rules, guidelines and other building information.

Intuitive online project management tool accessible to the Strata Manager and the Committee members for effective collaboration.

Strata Manager
Strata Management
Strata Scheme

We are a next generation.

OCX was formed with a simple

vision – to create and develop

great relationships with each

of our clients so that we can

achieve outstanding results for

their Owners Corporations

technology allows us to do more

We think outside of the box and continuously look for new ways to improve our services

Powerful, 6-step, part-automated

arrears management process to ensure that levies are paid on time, and if not, recovered within the shortest possible time frame at the Magistrates Court.

Innovative ideas
Our team of experienced Strata managers add value by providing high quality guidance in all Strata matters.

We look after our staff members, so they can look after you.

we are about people

Successful customer relationships

Extensive training both on soft & hard skills, to ensure the team is ready  to tackle any and all challenges your Strata Scheme may be facing.


We encourage our staff members to think outside of the box and come up with better ways to manage Strata schemes.


Flexible workplace arrangements, for healthy work-life balance.


Fun office environment, and regular social activities for a great workplace community.


Open door policy, and open workspaces to bounce off ideas and solutions to complex matters.


Substantially smaller than industry average portfolio size per manager, so they can provide premium  service to each and everyone of our customers.



hear from our staff

One of the things I cherish most about OCX is the trust they place in their employees.  From day one, I have been given the freedom to take  ownership of my work, allowing me to reach  new heights and deliver exceptional results. The absence of micromanagement has been refreshing and has empowered me to fully explore my potential.

Thiago Galaverna


Me coming to OCX has been life changing and it’s been the most amazing experience and massive learning experience for me and it’s all because of OCX and Adam and the team!!! I’m doing things that I thought would never be able to do! OCX values work-life balance, which is truly commendable.

Guy Bowell


Thiago’s experience aligns with mine as well, and I think OCX would be the only company (at least that I’ve come across) that puts employees 1st, profit 2nd, surely it’s not a non-for profit business but the feeling I get here is, I don’t really feel like an employee but a business partner working collectively towards  the success of OCX.

Sanjeev Karki


Customer service excellence

our manager’s #1 kpi is to keep our clients happy


Our managers have internal access to CPA accountants who ensure that the financial records handed over have no discrepancies or missing funds before the external audit takes place.

We offer an end-to-end management experience with a dedicated Strata manager single point of contact who is across all matters related to your building.


AGM and committee meetings are often issued within a couple days, but no more than a week after the meetings subject to the committee approval. 


We firmly believe the best way to achieve successful results through effective communication – and we practice what we preach!



We guarantee prompt email replies, and phone calls returned on the same day or the next business day.

Extensive training both on soft & hard skills, to ensure the team is ready to tackle any and all challenges your Strata scheme may be facing.


Our managers have dealt with defect rectification through the DBDRV, mediation through the DSCV, recovered substantial amount of outstanding debt, been involved in large scale capital expenditure projects (lift refurbishments, windows replacements, courtyard upgrades to name a few), assisted Strata properties with changing the plan of subdivision or passing the special resolutions to change the rules in Tier 1 buildings.

We thrive on new challenges!

our core values

High density living

We thrive on going the extra mile for the clients.

Strata Property

We share a positive mindset and believe that, where there is a will, there is a way.

Strata Manager

We communicate with clarity, transparency and integrity. We do as we say and we say as we do.

Strata Management

We are in the long game, we build lasting relationships with our clients, team members and suppliers.

Strata Scheme
Strata Services

We keep things simple and we like to get to the point, so we can service more.

We transform our partnerships into friendships.

Strata Property

celebrating the wins

Today we are just here to celebrate a win, no matter how big or small. Maybe it is a win for one of our clients, or for our team. It can be an email from a chairperson showing gratitude for the hard work we have done, achieving a great outcome for a Strata property, reducing expenses for a more affordable budget, or just completing a complex maintenance project.

For the records…