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How to deal with noisy neighbors?

Noisy neighbours can be a major source of stress and disturbance for residents living in multi-lot developments. An owners corporation is responsible for managing and maintaining common areas in multi-unit buildings, such as apartments and townhouses.

When it comes to dealing with noisy neighbours, there are steps that the owners corporation can take to help resolve the issue.

Encourage mediation

If a resident is being disturbed by noisy neighbours, they should first try to resolve the issue through friendly and informal discussions with the neighbour. If this doesn’t work, the owners corporation can assist with informal mediation between the two parties.

Invoke the dispute resolution process

If this step is unsuccessful, and a formal complaint was lodged, the owners corporation will commence the dispute resolution process as outlined in the Owners Corporation Act 2006. This process should include a fair and impartial review of the complaint, and the counter points.

Enforce the bylaws

If the dispute resolution process fails to resolve the issue, the owners corporation may need to take more serious measures, and could resolve to take further action such as issuing a notice to rectify breach.

After the second breach notice

If the subject of the complaint remains, the owners corporation may issue a final notice to rectify the breach. If the issue still remains, after 28 days the owners corporation or the parties to the dispute can decide to take further action in VCAT. This step should only be taken after all other options have been exhausted.

Encourage soundproofing

In conclusion, dealing with noisy neighbours can be a challenging issue for the parties involved and owners corporations, but with clear rules, effective dispute resolution process, and a commitment to finding a resolution that benefits all parties, it is possible to reduce the impact of noise on residents and maintain a peaceful living environment.


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