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Damage to A/C unit post cladding rectification works

If you've had cladding rectification work done on your balcony and have noticed damage, including an issue with your air conditioning unit, but the owners corporation (OC) has refused to take action, you may be feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do next. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Seek professional advice: Your first step should be to seek professional advice from an expert in building defects. They can assess the damage and advise you on your options.

2. Check your insurance policy: Check your home insurance policy to see if it covers any damage resulting from building defects. You may also want to check if the OC's insurance covers any of the damage.

3. Raise the issue with the OC in writing: Write to the OC outlining the issue and the damage you have noticed. Include any evidence, such as photographs or reports from experts. Ask them to take action to rectify the problem in a formal letter.

4. Seek mediation: If the OC is unwilling to take action, you can seek mediation through your state or territory's strata dispute resolution service. This service can help you to reach an agreement with the OC.

5. Consider legal action: If mediation fails, you may need to consider legal action. This could involve taking the OC to court or seeking orders from a tribunal or commission.

It's important to act quickly when you notice damage resulting from cladding rectification works, as delays can make it more difficult to rectify the problem. By seeking professional advice, checking your insurance policy, raising the issue with the OC, seeking mediation, and considering legal action if necessary, you can take steps to protect your rights and ensure that the damage is properly rectified.


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